Yorkshire.com domain name put up for sale after tourist board collapse | yorkshire

Do you know your rhubarb triangle from your Rudston monolith? Do you like giving detailed explanations on the difference between a constituency and a county? Do you have strong opinions about upgrading?

You could be lucky enough to get a web presence to match your regional pride as the Yorkshire.com domain name goes up for auction, following the collapse of the Yorkshire Tourist Board.

Tourism body Welcome to Yorkshire was placed into administration three weeks ago after a £1.4million funding shortfall opened up when the pandemic crushed activity rates in the region.

Half the staff have been made redundant, with chairman Sir Peter Box describing “increasingly difficult” financial circumstances. The administrators are now looking to sell the body as a going concern.

However, some of the assets can be auctioned off individually, including more than 150 council-owned domain names.

“We are seeing significant interest in the company as a going concern from the travel and tourism industry, as would be expected, in addition to multiple inquiries from publishers,” said BPI Asset Advisory director Andrew Cromack, who is an RICS assessor. and oversee the online auction.

“A domain such as www.yorkshire.com that hits the market will always cause a stir because of its rarity. Whether it’s existing Yorkshire businesses or those expanding into the region, brands looking for country estates or just proud Yorkshire bidders, we expect a high level of interest. . »

Those proud Yorkshire bidders might secure madebyyorkshire.com, perhaps to get an email address like “[email protected]”, for an opening bid of just £100, or the “visityorkshirecoast.com” more specific for a £250 offer.

Yorkshire.email (£250), Yorkshire.life (£500) and a host of word games (such as talkshire.com, walkshire.com and forkshire.co.uk) are also available.

As for the crown jewels: Yorkshire.com is available for an opening bid of £20,000.