.XYZ zone file approaches 15,000, 30k after 24 hours – Domain Name Wire

Nearly 15,000 zone file domains and more than half of them are with NetworkSolutions. Over 30,000 domains registered after 24 hours.

The last batch of zone files have been released and .xyz has had what looks like a good first day.

The zone file includes almost 15,000 domain names after the first hours of launch. Zone files only include registered domains that have name servers, so this usually underestimates domains a bit.

Daniel Negari of .XYZ told Domain Name Wire that the registration numbers after 24 hours were 31,126.

I spot-checked a few .xyz reserved domain names and didn’t see them in the zone file. Registry-only domain names don’t seem to have name servers.

The most interesting thing about the zone file is that 8,160 domain names have register.com’s name servers. I checked a dozen of these domains and found that all were registered using Whois privacy from NetworkSolution (NetSol and Register are both owned by Web.com). NetworkSolutions charges $40 per domain, which is 3-4 times what competitors charge for .xyz. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, unless there’s some sort of wholesale deal.

I know .xyz contacted a number of companies prior to launch, so it’s possible they coordinated with Network Solutions to register the domains. UPDATE: Most Network Solutions signups were part of a free promotion.

[This post was updated to include the numbers directly from the registry and to reflect new information about the Network Solutions numbers.]