Will the dual degree system benefit students?

Students would not be able to effectively master the alternating courses due to divided attention on various subjects. In reality, when a course is chosen, it must cover many aspects ranging from in-depth concepts to final research projects. For students who face a dilemma in choosing suitable and appropriate groups, I would suggest taking a psychometric test. This helps them pick the right interests and pursue a specialization that matches market demand. And when it comes to higher education in India, I don’t think universities can meet the requirements for the implementation of dual degree. I recently submitted my Ph.D. thesis and faces horrible experiences due to inefficient and outdated mechanisms.

Aslesha E, Life Skills Coach and Advisor, Rajamahendravaram

In a highly competitive scenario, the dual degree helps to gain an advantage. It is one of the best Union government policies in which our qualification is highlighted and helps to become employable. This way, students will not have the dilemma of zeroing in between two parallel fields as both can be pursued simultaneously.

– Donkada Bhavya, Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering for Women, Visakhapatnam

The introduction of the concept of double degree is a radical reform in the education sector. It is easy for aspirants and enthusiasts to have a dual degree now. It is indeed a good opportunity to save time as well as enrich our knowledge that meets global standards and competition. Many gifted students have the opportunity to do a dual degree without spending a lot of time improving their abilities and skills. This concept can help achieve the goal of universalizing education.

– Gunisetty Srinivasulu, teacher, Kadapa town

Obtaining a second degree at the same time as the first is a great opportunity for students, but there is not enough government initiation to raise awareness. Students are going through a tough time in the semester system and they don’t have the skills that the market demands of them. If planned well, some students can learn more skills in the dual degree and get a job in less time. According to the current conditions, it takes more months to implement the double degree program. The government should organize awareness programs for students and parents and prepare colleges to offer the new courses.

– Kata Srinivasa Reddy, Director, BANKR Diploma, Ongole

Better to strengthen the current university degree program instead of introducing the dual degree program in the country. During my childhood, we had a public exam for the 7th standard. But now there is no such exam for students. The government says the reason is to improve literacy, which does not make sense.

The degrees awarded in the past were excellent compared to today. We need quality rather than issuing double degrees. The government should focus on how to strengthen the education system from gaming class to PG level without compromising quality. The literacy rate is not important while the quality plays an important role in people who pursue higher education.

– AVS Phani Kumar, Lecturer in Mathematics, Nellore

There is no possibility of collaboration with all foreign universities, which is discouraging since students must continue their studies only physically in the country itself.

Only the top 1,000 ranked universities in the QS World University Rankings are eligible for collaboration and this can be done on the basis of credit ranking. Furthermore, the UGC does not set the price list and the varsities concerned have been authorized to finalize it. Sometimes it can be more costly for the poor.

P Harsha Preetham, self employed, Nellore

The dual degree concept is the highlight of the NEP 2020, but the government has failed to raise awareness of it among students and parents. In foreign countries, the concept of dual degrees is popular and campus recruitment offers go to these students.

Colleges are still ready to introduce the dual degree program, working in two shifts of 5 hours each, instead of one 7 hour shift and using existing infrastructure and staff.

Unless the government outlines its goals and motivates parents and students, the dual degree will be a distant dream.

– Kovuri Srinivasa Rao, Principal, Saraswati Degree College, Ongole

The introduction of the double degree system is a good initiative. This reform is to be welcomed. This will help students develop quickly in their respective fields. But one thing everyone should keep in mind. It’s not for everyone. Capable students certainly make use of it. Students should evaluate themselves to choose this opportunity carefully.

It is intended for students who are above average. For those who read well it is useful to save time but not for those who cannot read. Average and below average students lose out if they seek a double degree.

– TK Visweswara Reddy, Honorable Chairman, Affiliate of AKNU Un-Aided Colleges Management Association

In the age of globalization, young people opt for two or more professions in order to be able to settle in a single profession. The dual degree facility offered by UGC will definitely be beneficial for the students. On the one hand, job opportunities are increasing and, on the other hand, competition is very strong for government jobs.

Thus, students can use the facility to enhance their knowledge by doing two degrees. It will be very useful for students preparing for competitions.

They can follow scientific and artistic subjects simultaneously and it can be useful to prepare for competitions.

– Dr M Hari Prasad, HoD, Department of History, Government Degree College, Kaikaluru