Vicksburg and Warren County File Eminent Domain to Acquire Land for New Port

The City of Vicksburg and Warren County, acting together, initiated eminent domain proceedings to purchase the remaining 20 properties needed to create a public port complex.

“These eminent estate proceedings, while not undertaken lightly, were the last resort to acquire the necessary property at fair market value to ensure this important project comes to fruition for the benefit of the citizens of Vicksburg. and Warren County,” officials said in a joint statement.

The proposed port project includes a new public port, a sea wall and other flood control measures to ensure the viability of this port, as well as surrounding infrastructure such as access roads and railway extensions.

“Our existing port has been at maximum capacity for some time and our region is in desperate need of additional inland port infrastructure,” officials said.

Planning and discussion for a new south port in Vicksburg has been underway for three years.

“The City of Vicksburg and Warren County are prepared to invest in infrastructure for a new public harbor complex to ensure our residents are well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities the river provides and to ensure that Vicksburg and Warren County will remain at the forefront of river transportation and commerce into the future.