Vice President for Further Simplification of the Tax System

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Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday called for further simplification of the tax system to promote voluntary compliance and reduce litigation. Appreciating the government’s efforts to eliminate complex and time-consuming procedures

process, he called for intensified efforts to create a stable, user-friendly and transparent tax system in the country.

Addressing the Farewell Ceremony of the 74th Band of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) (Income Tax) at the National Academy of Direct Taxation (NADT) in the city, the Vice President remarked that technology can be a great catalyst in our efforts to create a transparent system. and a taxpayer-friendly administration. “Harnessing digital technology is crucial for financial inclusion, ease of service delivery and plugging leaks from various social protection schemes,” he added. Observing that the country expects a high level of efficiency and integrity from all public servants, he asked officers to set a high standard, improve the system to make a positive difference in people’s lives. “We are not content with the status quo. We want to convert our Swaraj into Suraj or good governance,” he stressed.

Recognizing the important role of the Indian Revenue Service in nation building through tax collection, Naidu wanted them to demystify tax laws and procedures so that tax compliance becomes the norm and citizens pay their taxes on time, voluntarily and effortlessly. Citing an analogy from the Mahabharata, he said a ruler should collect taxes from the people in the same way as the bee extracts nectar from flowers without harming the flower itself. Calling effective tax administration the foundation of national development and one of the pillars of good governance, the Vice President stressed that tax collection must increase, but it must be done in a transparent and user-friendly manner, not arbitrarily. Stressing the need to minimize the negative impact of taxation on taxpayers, he said, “If taxpayers continue to grow in their respective productive activities, national GDP and tax revenue will continue to grow.”

Referring to several tax reforms in recent years, such as the emphasis on litigation management to avoid repetitive appeals, the faceless regime and the adoption of the Taxpayers’ Charter, the Vice President commended the CBDT for introducing these far-reaching policy measures. “I firmly believe that the interaction between taxpayers and tax collectors should be characterized by a spirit of trust, transparency and mutual respect,” he said.

Naidu called taxes not only a source of revenue for the government, but also an effective instrument to achieve desired socio-economic goals. Referring to the Prime Minister’s vision for [email protected]he called on everyone to work towards making India a developed, prosperous and happy society in the years to come.

Urging young officers not to become overwhelmed by the challenges and difficulties encountered in carrying out their duties, he wanted them to be adept at seeking solutions through consultation and learning from best practices around the world. “You have to be receptive to new ideas and ready to listen and absorb,” he stressed.

Referring to the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of independence, the Vice President praised the remarkable role played by public servants not only in maintaining the unity, integrity and security of our nation, but also in the strengthening of its dignity in the concert of nations and the promotion of national development in various fields. He hopes the officers who pass out will carry the same spirit of service and dedication to constitutional values ​​into their individual careers. “This is vital to improving your efficiency and enriching the quality of life of the people you will serve,” he added.

The Vice President commended NADT officers and faculty for training officers in the contemporary and futuristic needs of tax administration.

On this occasion, he also congratulated the Central Council of Direct Taxation for having succeeded in ensuring this year the highest income tax collections ever recorded, as well as for all its efforts in the implementation of the

Indian government faceless rating system. “Change is never easy, but you have handled this radical citizens’ initiative very well so far, and over time I’m sure everything will get even better,” he said.

Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Minister of Energy of Maharashtra Nitin Raut, Chairman CBDT JB Mohapatra, Principal DG, NADT Praveen Kumar, ADG (Induction), NADT B Venkateshwar Rao, ADG (Planning and Research) Dr

Vinay Kumar Singh, course director Rishi Bishen, officers from the IRS 74th Group and others were present on the occasion.