Verisign Obtains Another Expired Domain Patent – Domain Name Wire

The patent describes a separate “cache” pool for expired domains.

Verisign has obtained another patent for expired domain capture. Patent image.

The current method of deleting domain names – issuing as many add registrar commands to the registry as possible – has not changed. But that doesn’t mean the world’s largest domain name registry isn’t thinking of ways to change the system.

It has a patent for selling drop catch access pools to registrars. He designed systems to detect collusion between registrars. And he even considered a system that sells “encryption domains” to reserve expired domains.

Here is another.

Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted patent number 11,411,913 (pdf) to Verisign for System and method for domain name registration using a cache.

The patent describes a system in which deletions occur in an initial caching environment separate from the main system used by registries to add domains. Drops would have a delay before they become available in the regular system to prevent registrars from also trying to get domains into the regular system.

Essentially, it’s a way to offload the drop capture activity so it doesn’t interfere with people trying to register a domain that doesn’t drop.

Verisign filed the patent in 2017.