Unstoppable Domains File Trademark Applications for .NFT, .Doge and Others – Domain Name Wire

The company that provides alt-root domain names has filed trademark applications for new extensions.

Unstoppable Domains, a company that sells alt-root domain names that use blockchain technology, recently filed trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for future namespaces.

The company has filed applications for .nft, .doge, .web3, .dao, .bch, .blockchain, .go, .x, .888, and .coin.

Unstoppable’s applications feature “domain name registration services” goods and services and are trademarked on an intent-to-use basis.

The USPTO does not approve trademark applications where the trademark is for a top-level domain name. This is one of the grounds for denying Unstoppable Domains’ application for .crypto, which was filed in January 2019.

Unstoppable Domains currently offers alt-root domains ending in .crypto and .zil. Users must install a browser plugin or use the Brave browser to access these sites.

Applications foreshadow future name collisions. At some point, ICANN will open another round of new TLDs. You can expect companies to demand .crypto, .NFT, .blockchain and .coin during this cycle. Once these domains are on traditional DNS, major browsers are likely to resolve real DNS versions instead of Unstoppable domains.

(Andrew Rosener and I discuss unstoppable domains and these future name collisions in today’s podcast.)

Some companies have attempted to register top-level domain names ahead of the 2012 round of new TLDs in an effort to get a head start on the competition. ICANN has rejected all of these claims.