Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Email Verification Tool

Email verification tool

Thinking of planning an email marketing strategy or want to run a successful email campaign?

Everything you choose to reach your target audience requires proper email verification. Without it, it’s like playing cricket in the rain. You don’t know exactly where the bullet went, did it hit the target or did you choose the wrong target? Committing to a proper email verification software tool gives you the best chance of winning.


10% of your bad emails from your data can result in less than 40% email deliverability.

Email verification is a procedure that helps analyze whether an email address is accurate and deliverable. Software tools like Business World ECO come with advanced scanning technologies to scan your uploaded bulk email data and remove invalid ones. And all this is done in real time, quickly and by connecting an email verification API. The main motto here is to catch any potential issues before your email provider does. This helps keep your data accurate and reduces bounce rate and spam.

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1. Improves ROI of Email Campaigns
Adapting the best email verification tool with the right strategy can always increase your business ROI. An accurate list will ultimately lead to fewer users, but to the right audience or at the right time to provide an adequate chance to engage with the audience.
Once you’ve sparked the audience’s interest, they’ll find your emails more relevant and may want to check out your website. As a result, your grants are used more efficiently, with lower costs and higher revenues.

2. Lies Features and Controls
Email verification allows website owners to point out typographical errors to the public during the signup phase. This can greatly reduce the amount of incorrect details submitted by letting the public know that there is something wrong with their details. This will improve the overall registration process and secure accurate user data for your mailing lists.

3. Reduction of spam rate and potential blacklists
When the public enters mistyped or inaccurate emails into your system, your business will send emails to the inactive mailbox or the wrong person. If this happens too often, you could be placed on an untrusted sender list or even blocked from sending emails.

Email marketing is the single most important way to reach your target audience, businesses need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Opting for an advanced email verification tool can help you overcome these issues by scanning fake emails, incorrect formats, typos in domain names, etc. By doing so, your business will send the right emails to the right audience and remain a sensible sender to effectively interact with the audience.

4. Saves time, energy and money
Why pay to send emails to inaccurate email addresses? With email verification and validation software, you can check your mailing list beforehand. Based on the sorted accurate data, you can adjust your campaign budget and send the email to valid addresses that can convert. In the end, it saves you a lot of time and energy, and then you do everything manually. And checking email addresses manually can lead to inaccurate results.

5. Improved email deliverability
Sending newsletters to subscribers who cannot receive emails will negatively impact deliverability. And that’s where email verification tools come in. It improves email deliverability by allowing you to prioritize other beneficial marketing measures.

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Driving your sales in the right direction with verified emails also saves a lot of time, money, and energy. 98% accurate results and converting the right leads in less time, you’ll also be able to reduce your spam calls, bounce rates and more.

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