Top 5 domain name stories of June – domain name wire

Here’s a look back at what happened in the domain industry over the past month.

Here are the top five stories sorted by views:

1. Bidders and sue Right of the Dot – After Right of the Dot sued David Lizmo for not paying for the domains he said he won, Lizmo responded with his own allegations .

2. Unstoppable Domains File Trademark Applications for .NFT, .Doge, and Others – Blockchain-based domain company Alt-root has filed many trademarks, and then announced the launch of 8 new top-level domains.

3. GoDaddy sales data dump: sales up to $ 390,000 plus a big .org sale – GoDaddy revealed 20 of its bestsellers in January of this year, including one of the biggest .org sales of all. the temperature.

4. Domain investor buys for $ 350,000 and plans to develop it – Eric Borgos has put a lot of money into and plans to develop it into a business.

5. A company files a UDRP against a deceased man, and I have questions – A company in Denmark filed a UDRP against a man they probably knew was dead.

And here are the podcasts (in reverse chronological order) in case you missed any:

# 344 – The impact of reopening on estates with Shane Cultra – listen

# 343 – Growing with a killer domain with David Caccarelli – listen

# 342 – Domain name bestsellers and crypto impact – listen

# 341 – DNS using blockchain technology with Andrew Rosener – listen