The file of the death of Diana “locked up” by the French authorities: “Investment of a million dollars”

The French government is said to have made a “million dollar investment” to hide the findings of Princess Diana’s death, behind armed guards and 24/7 surveillance.

Insight into the knowledge contained in the dossier has come to light from a source familiar with the workings of the case.

They finally broke their silence in an interview with star of the day, almost 25 years since the death of the “people’s princess”.

The insider was quoted telling the outlet, “These files will not be available for inspection for decades.”

“Prince Charles and his sons – and the British people – will be long gone by the time they are released.”

The source further explained that the papers, one meter high, have been moved to a Parisian basement “in the Paris region” and are under surveillance with “armed guards 24 hours a day”.

Asked about the contents of the file, the insider admitted, “The documents contain information about the activities of French investigators after Di’s death.”

They also feature video interviews of subjects “in camera” and are stored under the “heritage code” which requires recordings to be protected for at least 75 years.

Since the file was completed in 2007, it will not reach the public domain until 2082.

However, the authorities have also reserved the “right of reconsideration”, which means that the file may “never see the light of day”.

“It’s comparable to refusing to release records relating to cases like the JFK assassination. And even when such files are published, they are usually redacted.

“It seems that the French don’t even intend to publish these documents.”