Test GoDaddy’s New Account Manager – Domain Name Wire

The new Account Manager is a big step forward for domain management at GoDaddy.

The new beta version of GoDaddy’s Domain Control Center includes an action bar to make bulk changes faster.

GoDaddy has released a beta version of its domain manager for a small subset of users. If you don’t have access yet, be patient. More users are added over time.

I tested the beta manager over the weekend and I think it’s a nice step up from the old interface. It looks like the new Afternic interface, and it’s not by chance; it borrows many themes from the Uniregistry system.

Here are some things I like about it:

Profiles – This is a nice feature to quickly assign settings to domains. Profiles allow you to assign a predefined profile to domains, including auto-renewal status, domain lock, contact information, name servers, and forwarding. It is similar to GoDaddy’s DNS templates. This should save a lot of time.

Folders – You can now more easily place domains in different folders for sorting purposes. For example, you can create a folder of domains for customers rather than your own domains. You can assign access rights to these folders.

Sortable columns – Only a few columns of the old manager are sortable. Now I can sort columns like ownership date, nameservers, etc.

Drag and drop columns – The old interface allows you to select which columns you display, but you cannot reorder them. With the beta interface, you just need to drag the columns where you want them. For example, you can move the Date Created and Date Owned columns next to each other for quick comparison.

Registration price – You can now see a column with the listing prices of your domains. And with drag and drop columns, that means you can place the GoDaddy Appraisal and For Sale price columns next to each other to see if you’re underpricing any of your domains. From now on, clicking on a price takes you to the listing dashboard. I hope in the future you can change the price from the control center.

Action bar – The new version has a handy action bar. If you select one or more domains, a persistent action bar appears at the bottom of the screen so you can apply changes in bulk (see image above).

Longer paging – You can now include up to 1,000 domains on a page.

As I use the beta interface in the coming weeks, I will provide more thoughts. Feel free to chime in if you’ve tried the beta interface and have any opinions.