Spase, Inc. Loses Cybersquatting Litigation for THIRD Time – Domain Name Wire

The company tries a third UDRP site to no avail.

If at first you try to hijack a domain name upside down, try, try again.

The entrepreneur who operates a 3D modeling company on has failed for the third time to upgrade his domain to via UDRP.

Mrs. Jello LLC registered the domain name in 2005 while plaintiff Spase, Inc only started using the Spase trademark in 2019. It is therefore impossible that Mrs. Jello LLC registered the domain in 2005 to target Spase, Inc.

Spase, Inc. filed its first case last year with the World Intellectual Property Organization and the panel concluded that it was reverse domain name hijacking.

He tried to refile the case with the National Arbitration Forum last year and was again found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking.

This time, Spase, Inc turned to the Arab Center for Dispute Resolution. He lost again (pdf). Ms. Jello did not respond and the panel did not consider reverse domain name hijacking.

After filing the third case, Spase, Inc. founder Sahil Gupta posted a video ranting about his failures to secure the domain name through UDRP. Showing his lack of understanding of cybersquatting, he suggested that NASA file a UDRP against because the site publishes articles about NASA and runs advertisements on its site.