Southern army commander wants overhaul of education system and prevention of narco-terrorism – Punekar News

Jodhpur (Rajasthan), 6 April 2022: In order to get an overview of the prevailing security situation in Jammu and Kashmir, a webinar chaired by Lieutenant General JS Nain, Commander of the Army, was organized by the Desert Corps under the Southern Command based in Pune. .

The drive focused on the changing social, political and economic contours in Kashmir, post the repeal of Section 370 and the resulting paradigm shift in the global and national security scenario. It was followed by an interactive session on the future roadmap.

Prominent practitioners who have dealt with Kashmir from various pillars of governance presented their candid views on current issues.

Panelists included Lt. Gen. DP Pandey, GOC Chinar Corps, Lt. Gen. KJS Dhillon (Retired), ex-GOC Chinar Corps, who was head of affairs during the Pulwama incident, as well as Rajendra Kumar, ex-DGP J&K and TCA Raghavan. , former High Commissioner to Pakistan and foreign policy expert. Experts in the field like journalist Aditya Raj Kaul, well-known writer and activist Bashir Assad, Ayjaz Wani, Raja Muneeb and IDSA South Asia expert Dr. Ashok Behuria also shared their insights. seen and indicated a way forward.

Speakers expressed their views on the changing dynamics in Kashmir and its implications for the security situation. Threat assessment from global, national and regional perspective with likely effects on the prevailing situation at J&K was also discussed. An in-depth assessment of the dynamics of agitation and white-collar terrorism was presented in one of the sessions to enlighten the audience on the hidden agenda of the adversaries.

The webinar honestly tried to bring various stakeholders to direct the calculation of the response on the future prognosis of Kashmir and its people, in addition to highlighting the requirement for a concrete and compelling approach from “the whole nation” to ensure ownership at all levels of governance.

The Army Commander, in his closing remarks, reiterated the key takeaways from the webinar and urged the junior officers to keep abreast of the prevailing situation in the country and understand the emerging dynamics of Kashmir on the geostrategic front .

He highlighted the felt need to revamp the education system to ensure that young people remain aligned with the mainstream and the need to prevent narco-terrorism and guard against infiltration into key institutions. He reiterated that decisions made over the past few years, including the repeal of Section 370, demarcation and planned statehood at J&K, reflect strong and decisive leadership that pursues a secular and pluralistic agenda, crucial for the development and improvement of J&K. An audit of infrastructure development and socio-economic impact can be considered, to enable better policy decisions, he said.

The army commander advised all stakeholders to prepare to preemptively counter Pakistan’s next strategic design. India is for peace and solving problems through diplomacy and dialogue, however, the conditions must be met and the cessation of Pakistan’s proxy war is a precondition for that, he said.

The webinar was attended by approximately 1100 officers from 32 different stations under Southern Command.

The initiative was widely praised for the insightful discussions given by the panelists with the emerging more empowered and educated audience.