SourceLess Blockchain launches an impenetrable system for

CONSTANŢA, Romania, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — If every car had a Sourceless Blockchain node (1 MB) installed (or pre-installed) on the car’s main computer, via the SourceLess ecosystem – auto category (str.domain)any possible frauds and loopholes that may appear could be checked or viewed by the owner of the SourceLess Blockchain fork (who will provide limited access to the owner and/or manufacturer).

Issues Covered by SourceLess Blockchain System:
• Changes in actual mileage;
• Changes to car settings;
• Security;
• History of invalidated generic errors in the main computer;
• The unique digital identity of the asset;
• The history of the car, regardless of the service where it was repaired;
• Instant reporting of vehicle errors to the service;
• Reminders of the various legal checks to be carried out;
• Necessary checks to eliminate the risk of accidents.

Right now, big automotive companies around the world need such a system to be able to solve their software problems, and more. All major automotive brands face these issues and need such a system like the one created by SourceLess Blockchain.

By fully integrating businesses into the SourceLess PLATFORM, it solves all current cybersecurity issues, such as:
• Application security;
• Cloud computing security;
• Data security;
• Management of access to identities;
• Protection of infrastructures;
• Integrated risk management;
• Network security equipment;
• Other information security software;
• Security services;
• Consumer security software.

STR.domain is a unique digital identity that allows anyone to log into the SourceLess platform.
• Every STR.domain owner will need to complete KYC & AML verification before getting full domain functionality;
• Based on KYC & AML protocols, all identities will be clear and certified, meaning the system is 100% WHITE LABEL.

Sourceless auto nodes will provide high efficiency and can be a solution to cyber threats related to car theft, intelligent computing redundancy and extremely high processing speed.

Integration with older cars without internet access can be gained by communicating with any smartphone and pairing it to the node, simply using Bluetooth.

The system created by SourceLess goes even further than other current solutions. SourceLess embarks on a true unbreakable/tamper-proof “keyless-go” (without the need for a car key) based on the smallest and smartest technology, named zero-knowledge snark (SNARK) working as a validation system, where proof will be the node with connection to str.owner.

The whole system is described in the SourceLess Blockchain whitepaper.

Iulian Bondari
[email protected]

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Image 1: SourceLess Blockchain launches an impenetrable system for the automotive industry

SourceLess Blockchain Launches Impenetrable System for Automotive Industry

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  • SourceLess Blockchain Launches Impenetrable System for Automotive Industry