Simplified Law Enforcement Process – Domain Name Wire

The change will make it easier for registrars to integrate the top-level domain.

The process of registering .law and .abogado (Spanish for proxy) domain names is about to get easier.

Registrants will still need to be a lawyer, law firm, court, law school, or local regulatory body, but this information will be verified through the standard Whois field rather than additional registration fields. This will make it easier for domain registrars to offer domains without additional integration and development work.

The .Law MMX registry provided these details to DNW:

MMX’s verification method has been simplified for registrants and registrars, allowing standard Whois data fields to be used to verify eligibility. Specifically, the changes eliminate the specific data fields required to register a .law domain, which also reduces any related development work for registrars to integrate .law.

The goal of .law remains steadfast in promoting trust within the legal profession by enabling qualified lawyers, law firms, courts, law schools and legal regulators to register a name. MMX will continue to verify registrants to ensure adherence to its eligibility policy and to protect the integrity of .law domain names.

Use of standard Whois data fields is effective January 7e, 2019.

We are now working with several registrars to integrate .law and we expect registrations growth in 2019.

If you would like more information on the eligibility requirements for .law, you can go to