Senior police officer says RSLPF disciplinary system is working and acknowledges need to make cases public

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A senior official with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said its system of disciplining stray officers was working.

But Deputy Police Commissioner George Nicholas acknowledged the need to make the cases public.

“Once we have allegations made by members of the public against the police, we have the Complaints Unit investigating,” Nicholas explained.

And he encouraged people to file their complaints with the unit.

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“Our discipline system is working,” he said during a Tuesday appearance on Helen Television System (HTS).

Nicholas explained that because of the system, some officers received fines while others were fired.

“It works,” he said of the RSLPF system of disciplining errant officers.

“Perhaps what we need to do is release these results in the public domain so that people know that okay, these are actions that are taken against police officers who do not meet the requirements, “said said Nicholas to the interviewer, André Paul.

He also felt that the RSLPF needs to develop a better relationship with the media, while admitting that press conferences do not happen regularly enough.

“We have a lot of information that we need to get out, whether it’s crime-related or whether it’s other initiatives that we’re undertaking that the public needs to know about,” Nicholas said.

And he frankly admitted that the blame lies with the police.

“We are not there enough to provide the information. Because once you don’t provide the information, people will speculate,” Nicholas noted.

He said it would be difficult to take corrective action afterwards.

“But once we’re out there providing the information, I think we’d do a lot better,” Nicholas said.

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