’s Automated Ratings Could Help Domain Sales – Domain Name Wire

There’s a new domain evaluator in town.’s new automated assessment tool.

There are a lot of complaints about automated domain review systems. It’s hard to evaluate domain names even when multiple people are involved, and it’s even harder when you’re relying on just one machine.

But domain brokerage tries anyway. Today it launched an assessment tool.

It is designed more for end users than domainers and is limited to six searches per day. There is a main reviews form for people interested in buying or selling the domains they are reviewing.

I think this new entrant will be good for domainers. The next time someone shares an automated rating with you as a trading tactic, you can run it through’s tool to see if it gives you better value to share.’s tool seems more generous and maybe more precise on higher value domains than the GoDaddy review tool. Like the other tools, it struggles in the low end.

I ran six domains through today, and here are the results. $356,000
Godaddy: $18,808
Estibot: $256,000.

NameExperts sold this domain for $250,000 last month. As the sale was public, it is possible that Saw and Estibot used this value in their valuations. $2.4 million
GoDaddy: over $25,000
Estibot $1.538 million.

This is another domain that sold recently, trading hands for $1.5 million. It is difficult to evaluate these high-end areas. GoDaddy’s rating is technically accurate but also useless, so it’s nice to have two options that show it as a seven-digit domain. $97,000
Godaddy: $10,648
Estibot: $70,000

I don’t know which is more accurate. GoDaddy’s valuation is lower than what I paid for the domain as a domain investor, so if it sells to an end user, it will be close to Estibot’s or’s price. $37,000
Estibot $28,000

I bought this off the market so the price is not public. and Estibot are in the neighborhood of my asking price. $1,580
Estibot $30

It’s the type of domain that’s like throwing darts at a board. It sold for $6,000 on Sedo but could easily have sold for more or less. Everyone finds it difficult to value this type of domain. $2,639

This domain sold for $5,100 on Sedo. Like, it’s not easy to appreciate a name like this.

The next time someone tries to put you down with an automated review, submit it through’s tool and see if that gives you a better number that you can share with the buyer.