“Rules for Humanitarian Appointment”: AC revises SRO-43; introduced a merit-based selection system

SRINAGAR, 22nd AUGUST: The Governing Council (GB) today approved the adoption of the Jammu and Kashmir Rehabilitation Assistance Program 2022.

Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar, Advisor to the Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, Chief Secretary, and Nitishwar Kumar, Principal Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor attended the meeting.

The decision aims to promote equity, inclusion and accountability in the provision of compassionate appointments by introducing criteria-based assessment to establish compassion in the bereaved family based on best practices from the experiential learning over the years.

The new scheme will provide a compassionate appointment or monetary compensation to a dependent family member of a public servant, who may die in harness or as a result of activism-related action or due to enemy action at the Line of Control/international border inside Jammu and Kashmir and is not involved in militancy-related activities or retires on a disability pension, thus leaving his family destitute and without any means of subsistence. The program will extend relief to the public servant’s family and save them from financial hardship.

To bring greater transparency and fairness, in addition to ensuring adequate safeguards against misuse of the rehabilitation assistance framework, the new regime incorporated provisions for receiving online applications centrally in GAD on a designated portal; constitute a selection committee in GAD to make an evaluation and recommendations; making the GAD Administrative Secretary the sole authority to approve cases of humanitarian appointment/monetary compensation (in cases where relaxations are not required); propose a ceiling of 5% for the cases to be considered in relaxing the rules; make the relaxation criteria more transparent/objective and maintain the eligibility of applicants for up to 5 years from the date of submission of applications.

In addition, under the new scheme, the number of vacancies and the merit list of eligible candidates will be prepared each year and eligible candidates will be considered solely on the basis of merit obtained with regard to a merit system based on points on a quarterly basis. Vacancies and the list of candidates will be published in the public domain to make the process fully transparent and accountable.

Compassionate appointment will be made for multitasking staff or equivalent or lowest managerial positions not listed in the Department Gazette. However, if a candidate is a graduate or has a higher qualification, there are provisions allowing discretion to consider appointment in the informal setting.

However, Compassionate Appointment cases still pending resolution in GAD under current SRO 43 for various reasons including relaxation of rules and identification of positions in other departments , will be treated in accordance with SRO 43 of 1994, as amended from time to time.

In addition, the new scheme also plans to extend assistance to dependents under various government-sponsored/self-employment programs to obtain credit in accordance with established unit building standards. manufacturing or commercial enterprise. The new regime will end the uncertainty that plagued the old compassionate appointment rules under which cases had persisted for years. The new program is expected to provide immediate relief to NOKs of employees who have died while in harness.