PG&E Likely to File Prominent Estate Against Palo Alto Unified for Easement at Cubberley | News

In October, PG&E threatened a prominent domain against Palo Alto Unified over the utility’s offer for an easement at the Cubberley Community Center. Embarcadero Media file photo by Veronica Weber.

After stalled discussions over the past few months, the Palo Alto School District is faced with the likelihood that Pacific Gas & Electric will file eminent estate action to acquire an easement for a gas pipeline at the Cubberley Community Center.

PG&E first contacted the district in August with a written offer: $ 154,000 in exchange for the construction of a 1,680 square foot underground easement, an 18,000 square foot trial easement and a 6,000 square foot temporary construction easement to modernize the pipeline to 4000 Middlefield Road, according to a letter provided to the weekly under a request under the Public Archives Act.

Superintendent Don Austin said the district responded that it would prefer PG&E to consider other properties as options for easement and did not hear from the agency again until October, when PG&E threatened a prominent estate s ‘They couldn’t come to an agreement until November 15. .

“This letter is a final attempt to come to a fair and amicable agreement with you to purchase the necessary property rights. To ensure the safety and reliability of its gas service, anyone, PG&E may need to take formal steps to achieve that goal, ”Tina said. Kim-Davila, senior rights-of-way officer for PG&E, wrote to the district on October 15. This letter represented the agency’s final offer, she wrote.

The school district maintained its stance against granting the PG&E application, concerned about the potential disruption the easements and construction would cause in the short and long term. Some Cubberley classrooms are now used by special education students and teachers and the district is moving more offices there, Austin said. The school district owns the majority of the 35-acre center south of Palo Alto, but leases space from the town of Palo Alto, and the two organizations have long been in talks to redevelop the site.