Nokia Removes Chinese Domain From Dots Brand – Domain Name Wire

The company still has .nokia.

Technology company Nokia (NYSE: NOK) decided it didn’t want one of the top-level domains it had obtained.

The company has notified ICANN that it wishes to terminate the contract for .诺基亚, which is Nokia’s Chinese translation.

In its original application, the company said it wanted the domain for two reasons:

– Ensure that the integrity of the Nokia brand is maintained at the highest level available in the domain name system: Nokia has a portfolio of registered intellectual property rights in the Asia-Pacific region, including China. Securing the IDN string “诺基亚” in the domain name system is an extension of current brand development and protection.
– Keeping Nokia at the forefront of innovation and technology development: Nokia plans to use DNS configuration and functionality best practices, and will monitor and contribute to the development of new standards and services by participating in ICANN and the IETF.

The company never used the domain.

It also acquired .nokia. She did not request the termination of the contract for this domain.

Adoption of internationalized domain names has been a little disappointing in newer top-level domains.