No physical file, dak to entertain at the secretariat from March 7: Govt

Srinagar, March 3: Forcefully noting the laxity in the implementation of the e-office, the general administration asked all the administrative secretaries on Thursday to ensure that the CdDs working under their administrative supervision immediately switch to e-office mode.

The order also warned that no physical records/daks will be kept at the Civil Secretariat from March 7, 2022.

The new directions followed after the government said it had observed that many offices are still not fully operational in e-office mode and continue to send physical files/daks to their respective administrative secretaries, an issue which has taken seriously by the authorities. .

“It is therefore enjoined on all administrative secretaries to direct heads of departments working under their administrative control to immediately switch to online working mode. Additionally, no physical/dak records will be kept at the Civil Secretariat, J&K, on ​​March 7, 2022,” reads the circular.

A senior administration official told Rising Kashmir that the new directions came in view of the initiative of the government of Jammu and Kashmir to make it governance on “digital lines”.

“With the electronic mode in place, there will be more transparency and visibility in work, but the main objective is to make work convenient and easy for people and employees working in different departments,” the manager said. .

The official further stated that the shift to the electronic mode of working at the civil secretariat and the subsequent instructions not to receive the physical files or daks will instead give a clear position on the movement of the files or any other documents.

In September last year, the government issued an order directing all department heads to switch to e-Office working mode with the assistance of the Department of Information Technology.

“In accordance with these instructions, all HoDs (movements and non-movements) have received the necessary assistance from the Department of Information Technology, through the provision of VPN connections, the creation of domain identifiers ( and training of local administrators/master trainers etc,” read the order.

According to the circular copy which reads: “Notwithstanding the above instructions, the extension of deadlines and the arrangements put in place, it has been observed that many HoD offices are still not fully operational in e- office and continue to send physical files /daks to their respective administrative secretaries, which was taken seriously by the authorities”.