NITDA Inaugurates Domain Name Compliance Policy Enforcement Committee

In line with the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s drive to diversify the economy and its commitment to developing a robust digital economy, tThe Federal Executive Council (FEC) approved the National Second-Level Domain Policy on February 16, 2022, making the Nigerian Second-Level Domain mandatory for all government-owned websites and official email correspondence of all government personnel. The National Information Technology Development Agency, NITDA, is the implementing agency for the new policy.

NITDA is mandated by its license (NITDA Act, 2007) of Section 6(m) of the Second Schedule to manage and administer the Nigeria ccTLD (.ng).

This power gives NITDA the power to allocate and administer the Nigerian government second level domains at;;; and any other second level domain names that may be approved in the future. Following the approval of the policy, NITDA inaugurated a 14-man enforcement committee to oversee its implementation.

The new policy is expected to significantly boost public confidence in the authenticity and security of information and other services accessed from government-owned websites.

The wish of the Federal Government, through the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, is to bring all its information and services on the Nigerian Government second level domains online. The online presence of ee Nigerian government in it identity is a strategy of domination in the digital economy. The use of generic domains and private emails for business and government correspondence hampers the identity, security and global recognition of the Nigerian government on the internet.

Ninety-nine percent of MDAs have confirmed that they have transitioned to the .ng domain at the federal level, and they have maintained compliance with the Nigerian ccTLD program. Unfortunately, the same is not true at the state and local government level, where 80% of government websites and email addresses lack .ng validation.

Therefore, the newly inaugurated committee developed a strategy for the transition of all remaining government websites and email addresses at all levels to .ng domains. NITDA, following this, is requesting that all government websites and email addresses at all levels now use the .ng domain.

We advise MDAs at all levels to stop using ISP or email provider domains. NITDA works with relevant organizations to ensure that all government institutions have access to dedicated domain names. We are also asking service providers to support this initiative by ensuring that any government domain to being registered by them complies to this directive to ensure the widespread adoption of .ng.