Namecheap Seems Ready to Combat Unstoppable Domains – Domain Name Wire

The CEO of Namecheap appears to support .wallet and defend the Handshake blockchain domain system.

For a day, it emerged that blockchain domain company Unstoppable Domains had picked the right fight to make its first-ever case for offering blockchain-TLD-gets-exclusive-rights.

The company sued, a registry/registrar technology provider for handshake domains, after began offering .wallet addresses. Unstoppable Domains also offers .wallet domains.

Gateway appeared to shut down its operations quickly in the face of the lawsuit.

But now Namecheap, the second-largest retail operator, looks set to take on Unstoppable. In a tweet yesterday, Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall said he was going to help protect .wallet and the Handshake system from unstoppable domains:

Namecheap is a big supporter of the Handshake system. It owns Namebase, which competes with It has also registered many Handshake top-level domains and is the largest registrar to offer second-level Handshake registrations to customers.

Unstoppable Domains did not sue registrant .wallet Handshake. Although I haven’t been able to confirm, it’s conceivable that second-level .wallet records are now available through Namebase. Namecheap could also offer the domain to its millions of customers. (It already sells Handshake addresses ending in .ewallet.)

And Kirkendall is not one to back down in a fight. He spent years and significant funds fighting Facebook (Meta Platforms) for disclosing the identities of domain name holders.

Take the popcorn. This is going to be one to watch.