Law Firm Files In Rem Cybersquatting Lawsuit Against – Domain Name Wire

The company claims that is cybersquatting on its brand.

A New York law firm filed a in rem lawsuit (pdf) against the domain name Oved .com in order to acquire the domain name without paying for it.

Oved & Oved LLP filed the in rem lawsuit yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

It’s an odd choice of venue. The lawsuit states:

Plaintiff is filing this in rem complaint against the domain name in this district because the domain name registrar and authoritative domain registry are located in this district…

The registry is physically located in Virginia and the registrar, GoDaddy, is in Arizona. Typically, law firms file in rem lawsuits against .com domains in Virginia.

The current owner of the domain acquired it when it expired in 2012. Whois lists an owner in Ukraine. The registrant monetizes the domain name through When I visited it today, my antivirus software blocked an exploit that is probably from a parking company’s zero-click service.

In 2007, Oved & Oved filed a trademark application for “Oved & Oved LLP Lawyers and Legal Advisors”. She claims common law rights in the Oved brand.

The lawsuit alleges that the owner of the domain name listed it for sale at the “exorbitant price” of $30,000.

It will be interesting to see if the owner of the domain name responds to the dispute. It is also interesting to ask why the company chose to file a in rem lawsuit rather than a UDRP.