Lanett Block Party Organizer Fails to File Permit, Encourages People to Celebrate Anyway | Local News


West Shawmut Day, an annual block party event that draws thousands of visitors to the Lanett area each summer, will not take place this year due to permit issues, according to city officials. The event was scheduled for this weekend.

Although he did not turn in the necessary paperwork on time, event organizer Danny Williams posted a social media post on July 16 encouraging residents to celebrate West Shawmut Day on July 31 from anyway.

“If the owners still want to have waterslides for the kids or have family gatherings on your estate by all means, please still do so, it’s your individual freedom as a person to be able to roam freely for visiting family and friends any day,” Williams wrote in the post. “As long as no roads are blocked and everyone’s property is respected, the taxes we pay allow us to walk the streets freely or drive home to visit family when the weather permits. .”

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Williams further said, “So instead of the West Shawmut Day Weekend this year where we’re hosting for the county and surrounding towns.. it’s going to be more like a weekend in West Shawmut where a lot of grilling and socializing, music and dancing will be happening.

Lanett Police Chief Johnny Wood emailed the media Friday in response to Williams’ message.

“West Shawmut Day organizer Danny Williams announced on social media that there was no sanctioned event, but encouraged individuals to gather privately to celebrate the day,” Wood wrote. .

“The Town of Lanett has met with West Shawmut Day organizers and advised them that there will be no permits, roadblocks or sanctioned gatherings for the event commonly referred to as West Shawmut Day on 07-31- 2022.”

In her social media post, Williams admitted that permits for the event were not filed in time. He also mentioned that individual homeowners can get permits to set up gazebos in their yard. He also warned that there were no permits for golf carts, so individuals should drive them at their own risk.

West Shawmut Day reportedly attracted 7,000 people in 2019.

“Citizens remain concerned that a large crowd may be present,” the Lanett police news release said. “Our goal is to maintain the peace and dignity of the region and to keep our communities safe for all.”

Local police contacted other law enforcement agencies to help establish a strong police presence throughout the city over the weekend.

“The Lanett Police Department has contacted Alabama Law Enforcement for additional personnel to saturate the city these days alongside additional Lanett Police officers to prevent any large gatherings, blocking the road, DUI, drug use, reckless driving, ATVs and golf carts on the roadway or any other crime and violation affecting the peace and dignity of the city,” Wood wrote.

West Shawmut Day began in 2017 as a local block party celebrating community. It has since grown into a multi-day event that attracts thousands of people from across the country as well as major vendors and entertainment.