Lamborghini wins as “NamePros username defense” fails – Domain Name Wire

The domain owner cited his NamePros username as evidence that he is commonly referred to as “Lambo”.

Lamborghini won a cybersquatting case if filed against the owner of

A World Intellectual Property Organization panel ordered the owner of to transfer the name to the premium automaker. Lambo is an abbreviated term commonly used to refer to Lamborghini cars.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA has filed a lawsuit against Richard Blair, an estate investor who calls himself Lambo. Part of Blair’s defense was that he is commonly known by his name, as evidenced by his username in posts on NamePros.

Blair took to NamePros to complain about the UDRP. He said he was determined to defend the estate, although he did not hire a lawyer to defend the UDRP. On NamePros he wrote:

Countermeasures to humiliate such efforts are underway. Illegal theft will be duly punished by lawful and proportionate counter-efforts, including any coerced and submissive accomplices.

Panelists Antony Gold and Matthew Harris sided with the automaker and ordered the domain transferred. Part of their justification was that Blair had not provided enough evidence that he was known by his name.

Panelist Neil Anthony Brown disagreed in one of the longest dissents I’ve seen in a UDRP. But with a 2-to-1 decision, the domain name will transfer unless Blair takes legal action to stop it.