Owner Sues Lamborghini After Cybersquatting Loss – Domain Name Wire

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The owner of sued to stop the transfer of his domain name. Photo courtesy of Lamborghini.

The owner of the domain name filed a lawsuit after losing a cybersquatting case involving his domain name.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA filed a UDRP cybersquatting complaint against the domain name, which is owned by Richard Blair. In the UDRP, Blair argued that he was known as Lambo, including using it as a username on the domain name forum NamePros.

The three-person panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization ruled in favor of the automaker last month in a 2-1 split decision.

Blair was unrepresented by counsel in the UDRP, but later hired Lews & Lin, LLC to file a lawsuit against Lamborghini. WIPO’s decision is suspended because the complaint was filed within 10 days of the UDRP’s decision.

The lawsuit asks the court to declare that Blair is not cybersquatting with his ownership of the domain name. He makes a number of arguments about his interest in the domain name that probably should have been made in the UDRP.

In a lawsuit, Lamborghini could seek discovery to learn more about what Blair was thinking when he registered the domain, assuming he shared it with someone else. But if it’s all in his head, it’s hard to find out.