IONOS takes on WeTransfer and Dropbox with a new file transfer service

cloud and Web hosting service provider IONOS launched a file transfer service for large file sharing.

Like its competitors, drop box and WeTransfer, HiDrive Share by IONOS offers users the ability to transfer files up to 2 GB for free.

“File sharing services in the cloud offer the fastest and most convenient way to share large files such as images, videos and documents with colleagues, friends and family,” IONOS said in a press release.

File sharing for free

Screenshot of IONOS file transfer software with uploaded images

(Image credit: IONOS)

File transfer software creates a link that can be shared via E-mail or chat, and is valid for seven days before being automatically deleted. No authentication or registration is required to access the service and HiDrive Share is not exclusive to IONOS customers.

The IONOS HiDrive Share works on all major operating systems and with all standards Web browseron mobile and computer.

The downloaded files are transmitted exclusively in encrypted form and are stored in the European data centers of IONOS, in order to remain GDPR compliant and offer protection against access by unauthorized third parties.

IONOS also offers up to 2TB of online storage for users who want to upgrade, either because they need to share files larger than 2GB or to make files available for more than seven days.

HiDrive online storage can also be used for large file sharing and long-term data storage, at a cost of $10 per month (£20 per month) for the first twelve months on IONOS’ Pro plan.

For the free HiDrive Share software, there is no need to download an app or desktop programs, although an app is available for the HiDrive cloud storage product.

Tech Radar Pro contacted IONOS for further comment on the rationale for launching the new service and how the company plans to position HiDrive Share against the competition.

“HiDrive Share is a free service based on our comprehensive cloud storage, HiDrive. We launched the File Sharing Service to offer IONOS customers and new customers an additional, simplified way to share files – all without having to s ‘authenticate or register beforehand. In this way, we offer our existing customers a value-added service and simultaneously offer potential customers the opportunity to try IONOS,” said Lars Watling, Head of Domains and Products productivity at IONOS.

“The new file sharing tool is an additional and simplified way to share files with a particular focus on reliability and security. All data is stored exclusively in European data centers, transmitted in encrypted form and subject to the laws strict GDPR.”