Introducing the new Domain Name Wire – Domain Name Wire

Please welcome a renewed experience at Domain Name Wire.

I am delighted to launch an updated version of Domain Name Wire tonight.

Best practices and trends in news sites have changed a lot since I started publishing Domain Name Wire in 2005. The site’s last major overhaul was in 2013, and it’s time for a change.

Here are some changes you’ll notice in the redesign:

  • Designed for speed! I tasked my web designer with creating a quick site and he delivered. Google is focused on what it calls “Core Web Vitals”, and the old version of Domain Name Wire was miserable. The previous version scored a pitiful 24 on mobile and 84 on desktop. The new version scores around 95 on mobile and 100 on desktop.
  • See the most popular recent articles and the latest podcasts at the top of the homepage.
  • A new logo. Logo design trends have changed in recent years and the old Domain Name Wire logo needed an overhaul.
  • A cleaner design.

Redesigning a site is tricky. I wanted to make sure that my advertisers continued to benefit from excellent visibility. So we came up with a better design for readers and advertisers. Kudos to Ryan Townley for making this possible.

Please let me know if you see anything not working properly with the redesign.

Want some swag with the new DNW logo? The first ten people to comment on this post and say “I want the swag” will get some cool stuff in the mail. US addresses only, please. (Do not put your address in the comments. I will contact you about this.)