Infinite.IO domain name up for grabs as co-founder confirms company ‘shut down’ – Blocks and Files

Startup InfiniteIO’s domain name is for sale: $75,000 and it’s yours. This comes two months after his server kit went up for sale at an auction in Texas. The company has closed, a co-founder confirmed to Blocks and Files.

Update: CEO note added. May 21, 2021.

InfiniteIO offered accelerated file access through its NAS metadata server accelerating file:folder operations and other file metadata. This meant faster access to the actual file data. He developed this into tiering software, running in an appliance, that moved cold files into cloud object storage and allowed the user to access them faster.

Marc Cree

It was founded in Austin, Texas in 2012 by CEO Mark Cree, Vice President of Operations David Sommers, Vice President of Engineering Jay Rolette and Principal Engineer Chris Richards. Jay Roulette said today: “Unfortunately InfiniteIO shut down about 6 months ago.”

InfiniteIO earned $3.4 million in Round A funding in 2015 and $10.3 million in Round B cash in 2018: a total of $13.7 million. We are told that InfiniteIO was unable to develop a virtual machine version of its software and this made customers perceive its integration into a hybrid cloud model to be difficult.

Cree told us in a post-release email, “We landed a HUGE government opportunity that was put on hold indefinitely due to Covid which would have put the company on track to scale quickly and add funding. Selling a device on premise was like being in the cruise ship business during Covid. And our virtual device which was under development could not be completed before the money ran out. Timing is everything in the startup business.

InfiniteIO’s server gear was auctioned on March 26, according to a note from Auction Factory Texas.

All in all, it’s a sad ending for a company that started with high hopes and good technology.