In defense of Bulawayo’s parking system

Greetings to all citizens of the Great City of Bulawayo: The City of Kings and Queens.

We note with deep and serious concern as concerned citizens of Bulawayo that there has arisen among us someone who has posed as an enemy, monster or demon against progress, development, decentralization and innovation battling the fathers and mothers of the city. The godfather of chaos, disunity and backwardness is a Farai Kizito Manganda known for losing miserably as an independent candidate for Bulawayo Central Constituency in the 2018 parliamentary elections.

Farai Kizito Manganda funds, propels, propagates a war with Bulawayo city and Tendy Three Investments t/a TTI Parking Solutions and effectively against Bulawayo city to rebel against smart parking system. Farai Kizito Manganda disguised himself as an innocent businessman, posing as an apolitical activist and a patriot. Nothing could be further from the truth as it is none of that. He is a tribal political creature in his own right who contested and lost the 2018 legislative elections and has a clear political score to settle with the fathers and mothers of the city of Bulawayo and all right-thinking citizens.

For the record, Farai Kizito Manganda is in the public domain, not known for fighting for human rights and the atrocities and victims of Gukurahundi. It does not comment on the water problems faced by Bulawayo residents. There is no record of him having employed even 3 citizens of Bulawayo or given to the poor or vulnerable or spoken and dealt with well-known residents associations like BURA and BPRA, Ibhetshu LikaZulu, Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Trust Association (BVTA ) or providing any employment other than that of his friends,

accomplices or relatives.

As concerned citizens of Bulawayo, we are alive and aware of the following facts related to the implementation of the smart parking system.

The smart parking system was unanimously adopted and sanctioned by the city of Bulawayo through its councilors and the administration which includes technocrats and representatives of the people.

After the launch of the tender, residents’ associations and other stakeholders were consulted and provided feedback to the town hall and via various platforms.

The Government of Zimbabwe, through the Tenders Commission or PRAZ, Cabinet of Zimbabwe and ZIDA (Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency), was involved at various stages in the approval of the project after due diligence reasonable and the results are there to show the successful implementation of the project. .

The City of Bulawayo and TTI have been transparent about the funds generated through monthly reporting through the public press on the funds generated and their deployment for road marking and resurfacing and the results are there for all to see and the project has only been alive for 6 months. Clearly, the future is bright for our city and only enemies of progress like Farai Kizito Manganda peg lies and expect free services.

We have seen the decongestion of the CBD and also shared parking spots and spaces for all citizens in a win-win arrangement where the citizens pay for the parking space and there is a clear benefit for the city ​​of Bulawayo and the generality of citizens.

TTI has implemented visible corporate social responsibility programs with food donations to vulnerable communities in Bulawayo i.e. elderly, disabled, child headed families, widows and widowers and identified orphans by the City of Bulawayo under its Department of Social Services. More than 1000 families have been cared for under this program, but Farai Kizito Manganda has deliberately and selectively turned a blind eye and only cared for his immediate family and has the temerity and audacity to be anti -people.

Over 200 Bulawayo youths (male and female) have been employed by TTI with employment prospects for another 300 as the parking system is rolled out across the city. We haven’t even seen 10 young people yet who were employed by Farai Kizito Manganda.

In any event and significantly TTI is a bona fide Zimbabwean and Bulawayo company with the right to operate the parking system and we know that Farai Kizito Manganda and his sponsors wanted another company to win the appeal offers, hence this acrimony and anger.

The City of Bulawayo and TTI were responsive to the issues raised by citizens and stakeholders and promised to hold an Indaba for all stakeholders in due time and in the meantime the fee of USD 1.00 (or RTGS 590) per hour have been relaxed. to apply in parking bays within the hour and they are considering concessions for business communities and retirees.

In light of the above, as concerned citizens of Bulawayo, we have come to the inescapable conclusion that:-

Farai Kizito Manganda; because of his twisted mind is misled and misleads a rebellion against the people of Bulawayo under the guise of a fake citizen movement to get rid of the smart parking system to the detriment of the citizen.

The March and Petition Proposal of August 22, 2022 to the Town Hall is ill-advised, in bad faith and must be snubbed by all well-meaning citizens.

The issues raised by Farai Kizito Manganda and like-minded people lack substance, anti-people of Bulawayo and the wider Matabeleland region, as the parking system is overall beneficial to residents.

All right thinking people and organizations including but not limited to BPRA, BURA, Ibhetshu LikaZulu, Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Trust Association (BVTA), business communities, landowners, civil society should stay farms to support the city of Bulawayo and the TTI parking system

We thank you and we will invite you in the next few days to a WALK OF GRATITUDE at City Hall to applaud our fathers and mothers of the city and TTI in the implementation of this beautiful initiative and we look forward to similar projects. .


Your support for the City of Kings

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