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Singapore, 22 July 2022 – Singtel today announced that it has achieved over 95% standalone 5G coverage nationwide. This comes more than three years ahead of the end-2025 regulatory target, making Singapore the first country in the world to be fully covered by standalone 5G.

Singtel’s standalone 5G network now covers over 1,300 outdoor locations and over 400 in-building locations, as well as underground, creating immense opportunities for the development of breakthrough apps and immersive experiences for businesses and consumers. consumers. Singtel officially obtained the 3.5 GHz and mmWave spectrum under the 5G license issued by IMDA in June 2020, and additional 2.1 GHz spectrum in November 2021, which supported the completion of this critical step.

“We are extremely excited about this milestone for both Singtel and Singapore, as nationwide standalone 5G coverage is a major technological breakthrough that will drive unprecedented digitalization.

Despite the disruptions caused by COVID and the impact on manpower and resources, our planners and engineers have successfully accelerated our 5G rollout, working through the pandemic to lay the groundwork and build brand new infrastructure to a secure and resilient 5G network. This means that Singapore can now harness all the capabilities and best applications that 5G has to offer, paving the way for innovation and new growth that will propel our country forward,” said Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of the Singtel Group.

He added: “As a local Singaporean company, we are honored to have provided the critical infrastructure and essential services that have supported the nation’s progress over the years and we are excited to launch this breakthrough technology. generation to commemorate Singapore’s 57th anniversary. -class 5G in place, we look forward to continuing to do our part to enable Singapore’s next phase of growth as a global smart city.

Singtel has achieved many firsts in Singapore’s 5G journey, from launching the first pilot network in July 2018, the first standalone network in May 2021, to delivering 5G on the working Northeast Rapid Transit Line. fully underground in May 2022. More information on Singtel’s 5G milestones can be found in Appendix A.

First all-5G National Day celebrations

Singaporeans will be able to experience their first celebration of the 5G National Day Parade to be held on the floating platform this year, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID. To mark this nationwide rollout, this year’s parade will be broadcast entirely on 5G – showcasing Singtel’s enhanced mobile broadband capability to support ultra-high definition content. On-site spectators will benefit from high-speed connectivity, allowing streaming or downloading of high-resolution content from the parade.

Mr. Mark Chong, Chief Technology Officer of Singtel Group, said, “The deployment of 5G at an event of this scale will seriously test the power and reliability of our network, especially its ability to distribute ultra-high definition content in real time from multiple 5G-enabled networks. devices that simultaneously stream to global online media.

It’s new for us, but we will prepare well and take up the challenge. Through our experience supporting the parade over the years and our 5G trials at Sentosa, we have learned important lessons about managing complex technology to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of spectators attending the show. . With faster download speeds, lower latency and more secure technology, users will benefit from the superior viewing experience of 5G. We are thrilled to bring 5G to everyone at one of the biggest and most anticipated events on the Singapore calendar.

Accelerating enterprise adoption

Singtel has made steady progress in bringing 5G to market. To support the development of a host of public sector 5G use cases for the built environment, transportation and tourism industries, Singtel launched the [email protected] Testbed last year. , in partnership with several government agencies, including the Government Technology Agency and the Sentosa Development Corporation. Around 15 live trials are expected to take place by the end of this year, and at least 30 by the first half of 2023.

“Now that our nationwide 5G coverage is in place, we expect commercial adoption to accelerate. Our high-speed, low-latency 5G network with edge cloud and network slicing enables functions such as real-time computing, data storage, data analytics and AI services at the edge – giving life to more critical enterprise applications than ever before, from automated quality inspection in factories, smart city planning, connected autonomous vehicles to supercharged IoT. Just like Singapore, which is known for its high standards, we are deepening our expertise and establishing a strong presence in the markets in which we operate. Together with our partners across Asia-Pacific, we are expanding more 5G solutions and use cases for enterprises and other telecom service providers in the region,” said Mr. Bill Chang, General Manager, Group Enterprise and Regional Data Center Business, Singtel.

Earlier this year, Singtel launched Paragon – the industry’s first all-in-one orchestration platform that consolidates all the necessary resources required by 5G and edge computing into a single point of contact, reducing drastically reduce the barriers to 5G adoption and integration for enterprises, from cost to complexity. Recent partnerships include AETOS, Micron and Hyundai which have deployed 5G solutions to improve operational efficiency, drive innovation and improve problem solving and decision making capabilities.

5G for all

On the consumer side, Singtel has successfully demonstrated the benefits and impact of 5G through use cases such as Singapore’s first 5G-powered remote race at Sentosa and The People’s Gallery, an exhibition developed in collaboration with the National Gallery which takes advantage of augmented reality to transform more than 25 empty bridge districts into art galleries.

To celebrate this national 5G milestone, Singtel is offering customers a range of NDP exclusives, including unlimited 5G data on August 9th as well as free access to the full range of programs on Singtel CAST and Singtel TV from August 6th to August 9. Seniors will also be able to purchase the latest Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G phone for just $57 during this time. More information can be found in appendix B.

“5G is for everyone and this National Day, starting with National Day celebrations on the floating platform, we are giving consumers a chance to experience its benefits. We will use 5G to enrich people’s digital experiences. our customers and drive greater digital inclusion among the underserved. In the near term, we will unveil exciting new offerings that will enable more immersive and transformative digital experiences for all,” said Ms. Anna Yip, Managing Director, Consumer Singapore, Single.

About Singtel

Singtel is Asia’s leading communications technology group, providing a portfolio of services ranging from next-generation communications, 5G and technology services to infotainment to consumers and businesses. The Group is present in Asia, Australia and Africa and reaches more than 750 million mobile customers in 21 countries. Its business infrastructure and technology services span 21 countries, with more than 428 direct points of presence in 362 cities.

For consumers, Singtel offers a complete and integrated suite of services, including mobile, broadband and TV. For enterprises, Singtel offers a complementary suite of workforce mobility solutions, data hosting, cloud, network infrastructure, analytics and cybersecurity capabilities.

Singtel is dedicated to continuous innovation, harnessing next-generation technologies to create exciting new customer experiences and shape a more sustainable digital future.

For more information, visit www.singtel.com.