How to add a custom domain name to your Microsoft 365 account

As a business owner, do you want your business name for your custom Microsoft 365 domain? Your Microsoft / Office 365 account comes with a generic domain name, that is: where “company” is your account name. You can use email addresses like [email protected] for Office applications and Exchange services. But if you have your own domain name, you can also add it to your Microsoft 365 account, for example, and then set up users like [email protected]

Let’s start the process of adding your own domain name to Microsoft 365!

To add your own domain to Microsoft 365

Sign in to Office 365 with your administrator credentials.

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Then go to the administration center.

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Click Settings, click Domains, then click Add Domain.

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Enter the domain name and click the Use this domain button.

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Choose the preferred domain verification methods

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If the TXT option is selected, you must configure a TXT record listed on the page. Click the step-by-step instructions link for instructions for your DNS hosting provider. Click on verify, once you have configured the recording.

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When the TXT record validation is successful, you should see the Update DNS Settings screen. Check the Skip this step box and click the Verify button to continue.

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The next screen will display the DNS records that you need to configure for your domain in order to start using Office 365 for email. You need to create an MX record, 2 CNAME records, and a TXT record. Use the Select your DNS host link to see instructions for adding DNS records for your DNS hosting provider. Select Skip this test if you are using a custom DNS configuration and click the Check button.

Once the records are verified, you will see the confirmation window indicating that you are all configured. You can now configure users with your domain name.


All small business tenants should have access to the Exchange admin center, but if you don’t, you can sign in to the Exchange Control Panel to edit the account and add additional addresses to a mailbox.

Secondary addresses are ideal for alternate spellings of your alias, or when changing domains or addresses, as the old and new addresses can be delivered to a single mailbox and all replies will use the new address. -mail.

Using a unique custom domain like “[email protected]“with Microsoft 365 can help build credibility and brand recognition and can boost your business as a small business owner.

Learn more here about adding custom domains to your Microsoft 365 account for your small businesses. Let us know about your experience working with Microsoft 365 domains in the comments below!

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