Home-sharing startup The Room Xchange has launched vetting of potential roommates

Melbourne startup The Room Xchange has launched a mandatory verification feature on its home-sharing platform.

Founder and CEO Ludwina Dautovic said the new The ‘Verified’ feature also ensures that all profiles are real and up-to-date, with search algorithms simplifying the matching process to make it easier for people to find the right roommate based on their personality, values ​​and lifestyle.

At a time when finding rental accommodation is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, and puts older women at a particular disadvantage, Dautovic seeks to facilitate the cohabitation of like-minded people.

“The colocation market needs to be turned upside down. This is no longer the domain of 20-year-olds,” she said.

Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of Room Xchange

“With soaring property prices, more and more people are renting. Conversely, there is a larger group of people who choose to rent out their spare room and are looking for a high level verification and matching process. »

She said The Room Xchange’s digital ID gives households the peace of mind that their new roommate has been verified using some form of government ID. The platform has also introduced a rent offset feature that gives boarders the ability to offset some or all of their rent by doing extra work around the house such as cooking, cleaning or walking the dog.

Dautovic said the platform also provides extensive resources for households and roommates, from FAQs, templates and a podcast to help everyone better to rent.

PRD Chief Real Estate Economist Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo said The Room Xchange reflects change in Australia roommate and rental demographics

“There is a new type of tenant and they are looking for more than just temporary accommodation. They are looking for a home with people they are compatible with,” she said.

First National Real Estate CEO Ray Ellis said The Room Xchange “deals with the age-old problem of finding the right roommates, but with the application of modern personality and lifestyle matching along with the ability to receive rent for a room or to offset the rent with a household help.Its appeal is universal.