Heineken South Africa celebrates its women in brewing #WomenInBeer

Simphiwe Mbalenhle Msani is a trainee packaging team leader at Heineken’s Sedibeng brewery, just outside Johannesburg. She thinks it’s important to encourage women in brewing and thinks the beer industry is still male dominated when it comes to the presence of men in many leadership positions. However, she recognizes that change is happening, albeit sometimes slow, and believes it is important for women to make a difference in this industry and “step up and strive to be heard (women) by participating in crucial decisions. She also believes that women can and should be able to retain their femininity while working in this industry.

Simphiwe Mbalenhle Msani

She also noted that as beer brands have moved to include more women in their advertising over the past few decades, it makes the beer industry as a career more welcoming for women. She says, “It definitely breaks the narrative and such public exposures give women confidence that we can be a part of this industry and thrive in it.”

Msani credits the women who have had a particular positive influence on her life, including her grandmother. “My grandmother practically raised me, taught me to be resilient and goal-oriented, and like many grandmothers, she taught me the power of prayer. My mother, a single mother, taught me that great things come from great sacrifice, hard and smart work, you can’t have one without the other. subject and making sure that I work towards what I want and that I give my all. I also thank my mentor, my coach, Thandie Letshabo, who allows me to challenge myself and open myself to all new opportunities.

Ogomoditse Galodikwe is a TPM (Total Productive Management) Coordinator at Heineken South Africa. Total Productive Management is essentially a modus operandi aimed at continuously improving the performance of all processes in our supply chain. Among other tasks, coaching teams in setting up and maintaining tools to achieve operational excellence within the brewery through continuous improvement.

Ogomoditse Galodikwe

Ogomoditse Galodikwe

Galodikwe says there are several things she loves about her job, but: “What I love the most is the job itself – being a TPM coordinator. In my role, I do a lot of collaboration with others and coaching, engaging with others energizes me tremendously My work enables me to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement Working for a learning organization such as Heineken, where information and knowledge are easily accessible to employees, makes my job easier and more enjoyable, and it helps me in my career development.Finally, the brewery is an exciting place to work because of the nature of the products we produce.I have a background as a beer and cider taster and it is part of my daily work.”

There are many inspirational women who have had a particularly positive influence in his life and Galodikwe says: “My mother played the most influential role model in my life and continues to do so today. She has demonstrated traits such as personal development, a good work ethic, and she possesses courage; these have helped me a lot in my career. She has always influenced and guided me in realizing my abilities and my potential. I also have several women I admired at work, there are three women I would like to mention that I have met in the brewing industry: Dr Catherine Lephoto was a brewery training consultant at the time I started in my position as a brewer. She offered to mentor me after letting me know she saw my potential, and she’s provided invaluable advice over the years. The second woman is Primerose Nxumalo, my colleague and elder, whom I approached to be my mentor when I was fresh in the brew, after being impressed by her great work ethic. Cebile Xulu is another woman with whom I had the good fortune to have worked in the same organization when she was responsible for human resources at Heineken. Cebile is someone who really stands up for women in the workplace, and I think because of her voice, the inclusion of women has improved. I have also learned, through the impact these women have had on my life and career, to strive to give it back as well.

Finally, what is Galodikwe’s favorite drink? “Heineken is my favorite beer, it really stands out for its distinctive, crisp taste, consistent good quality and attractive packaging – to me the brand screams ‘I’m premium!'”

Heineken South Africa is proud of the company’s diversity and inclusion policies and in particular the large number of talented women in beer who leave their mark on some of South Africa’s favorite brands.