Google Search Console now allows verification via DNS CNAME

Google announcement this morning they added a new way to verify your domain name and properties in Google Search Console. You can now do it via or via DNS CNAME, not just a TXT check via DNS.

There was some confusion about this, but yes, CNAME is a new verification method, as confirmed by Google’s Daniel Waisberg at Twitter.

Google said: “We are happy to announce that starting today you will be able to verify your website on Google Search Console using a DNS CNAME record.”

Here is a screenshot:

click for actual size

Here are all the supported verification methods:

Verification method details

  • HTML file upload
  • HTML tag
  • domain name provider
  • Google Analytics tracking code
  • Google Tag Manager container snippet
  • Google Sites
  • Blogger
  • Google domains

DNS seems to be one of the most popular for quite some time now. What’s new is that Google previously allowed DNS checking via TXT, now Google also supports CNAME.

For more details on how this DNS CNAME check works, see this help document.

The reason for the confusion is that a long time ago, older Google webmaster tools supported the CNAME method, but Google Search Console did not:

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