Google made a rookie mistake and forgot to renew a domain name

Hadlee Simons/Android Authority


  • Google apparently let its South African domain name expire today.
  • As a result, was unavailable for several hours.
  • The website appears to be up and running again.

Making sure your domain name is renewed is one of the most basic yet important tasks you need to do if you own a website. However, it seems that even Google isn’t immune to forgetting to do this.

A whois search revealed that the domain name expired on June 25, 2022 and was pending deletion on July 1. Look at the screenshot below.

South Africa Google whois lookup

Local Google PR reps released a statement Android Authority on this point:

Google is aware of an issue affecting its domain name and is taking steps to restore it. In the meantime, the domain remains fully functional and we encourage South African users to use this URL instead.

Nonetheless, it appears that was up and running again at the time of writing, while the whois information also appears to have been updated to reflect the domain name renewal. It can therefore be assumed that things have returned to normal for the regional branch of the company.

It wouldn’t be the first time Google let one of its domain names expire. The company dropped in 2015, after a former employee briefly bought it before giving up the domain name.