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The US government provides a live view of traffic on .gov domains.

A government website displays real-time statistics for federal websites.

There are many sites that measure traffic to popular websites over time. But did you know you can get verified, real-time traffic data on .gov sites? is a website operated by the US federal government that aggregates data from Google Analytics for government agency websites. It displays data from 400 executive branch domains and 5,700 websites in total, including every firm department. This shows:

  • Live traffic
  • Device, operating system and browser data
  • Current Visitor Locations
  • Top pages and top downloads

You can also download traffic data for all websites for the past 30 days.

There are some interesting things to learn from this data source.

First, because it covers a wide variety of sites with traffic from all over the country and demographics, you can get a good idea of ​​the current market share for different types of devices, browsers, and operating systems. .

Second, it’s interesting to see trends as sites become more popular, sometimes for a flash. When the government launched its free covid testing site at, more than a million people were on the site simultaneously. The USPS website is usually the most popular, although the CDC and NIH websites are popular right now, and is popular this time of year.

I also found the 30-day data interesting. Almost all versions of are registered by third parties under I found a domain that wasn’t and saved it as a test. (I have since deleted it.) It received only modest traffic, but it was more of a b2b domain than a consumer domain. Cleverly, the US Postal Service registered