Frontex organizes a conference on the entry/exit system in the maritime domain

On 18 and 19 October, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, will organize a conference on the entry/exit system in the maritime domain, organized by the Royal Netherlands Marechausse in Rotterdam. In order to ensure the participation of operational staff (BCP level), the event will also be broadcast online.

The Entry and Exit System (EES) will register the entry and exit at the external borders of the EU of third-country nationals who do not reside in the Schengen area. The conference will focus on SEA processes for maritime border crossing points, covering four topics:

– the treatment of cruise ship passengers, offering the possibility to compare the approaches adopted by Member States to meet specific SEA requirements, as well as the preparations of carriers;

– The case of pleasure boat passengers and the measures taken to ensure compliance with EES requirements in marinas;

– Technical solutions to facilitate the user experience in ferry connections and collaboration between border control authorities and port authorities;

– Presentation of relevant innovative technologies by industry representatives.

Speakers and moderators will be experts from Member States directly involved in the preparations for the implementation of SEA in the maritime domain, representatives of the European Commission, cruise ship associations, port authorities and the industry, which will showcase the real challenges facing BCPs. actors (eg border guards, transporters, operators) and how they will interact and share responsibilities.

Frontex says the event will be valuable for managers and staff of sea border crossing points who will be able to hear about solutions and challenges in different Member States, preparations underway by carriers and examples of collaboration between authorities in border control and port authorities.

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