Reports Record First Quarter Results – Domain Name Feed

The 2/3 character .com graphic in particular doesn’t make much sense to me. How the sale price played out for over a decade until the first quarter of 2018, hovering near the X axis with values ​​presumably in the low five digits only to suddenly climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, drop again, then climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars again.

Confusing data reports are worse than no data reports. The main problem is that it does not show the volume of transactions. Are these data points based on hundreds of transactions or on five transactions? It groups the domain names with 2 and 3 letters. 2 letter domain names are 26 times rarer than 3 letter domain names and their price is totally different from 3 letter domain names. This is called a 3 “character” graphic, but is it really a 3 character graphic (like or are three letter domain names in actually represented?

I reached out to about last quarter’s report and was told volumes are so low that medians are bouncing like crazy. In this case, if they do not have sufficient transaction volume to publish a meaningful report, they should not publish the report.

One way to try to make sense of the chart is that wholesale transactions dominated until the first quarter of 2018, but since then most transactions are end user sales in the six digits.

If the sales in 2017 are:

$ 10,000, $ 10,000, $ 10,000, $ 10,000, $ 300,000, $ 300,000, $ 300,000, median is $ 10,000.

If the sales in 2018 are:

$ 10,000, $ 10,000, $ 10,000, $ 300,000, $ 300,000, $ 300,000, $ 300,000, the median is $ 300,000.

Changing a transaction can drop the median sale price from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000. Without more transaction information, such as number of transactions, range, mean, and standard deviations, simply posting medians can be more misleading than informative.