Elbit Systems Unveils Simultaneous Multi-Mission Tactical Radar System

Elbit systems unveiled DAiR, a simultaneous multi-mission tactical radar system. The new radar was first unveiled at Eurosatory 2022, one of the world’s leading defense and security industry events, in Paris last week.

The DAIR system is a new software-defined X-band radar system that effectively eliminates the need for target prioritization, enabling significant improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of border security and perimeter protection. Hundreds of digital receivers, sophisticated algorithms and computing cores with artificial intelligence capabilities are all part of the new radar. The system, according to the company, can simultaneously detect and track thousands of objects of varying sizes and speeds without the need to prioritize targets. In addition to detecting small drones at a range of 12 km and humans at a range of 15 km, the radar is compatible with EUROCONTROL Structured Multi-Purpose Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX) protocols, allowing sharing transparent information with C4I systems.

Elbit System’s new multi-mission simultaneous tactical radar system, named DAiR / From Elbit Systems

“As warfare becomes increasingly multi-domain, the target prioritization capability, which is at the heart of older radars, becomes a liability,” said Oren Sabag, general manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW. “Forces are forced to use multiple radars just to keep up with the changing threat – it becomes more difficult to have a common operational picture and the costs increase. The DAIR radar system addresses these challenges, does not rely on target prioritization, thereby aligning radar capability with the imperatives of multi-domain warfare.

Elbit Systems showcased a host of new technologies at Eurosatory 2022, including the DAIR radar. The company’s exhibit at the Eurosatory defense and security show will feature a new medium robotic combat vehicle (M-RCV) called ROBUST, a new electro-optical (EO) system called COAPS-L, a turret 105/120 mm ‘Sabrah’ light tank, and a new air-to-ground range extension and guidance kit called REST, among other products.