Efty’s Bulk DNS Management Will Make Domain Verification Easier – Domain Name Wire

This will ease the workflow for verifying domain ownership.

Efty added bulk DNS editing functionality.

Many domain marketplaces verify ownership before listing domain names. One way to prove ownership in a post-GDPR world is to add a DNS TXT record to a domain name. Both Sedo and Dan.com allow customers to add a special TXT record in DNS for domains to automatically verify ownership.

But adding TXT records one by one is a pain. Some registrars offer ways to facilitate this, such as GoDaddy’s DNS templates. But I also like what Efty is doing with its new bulk DNS management.

Efty is a domain selling platform that also works well with domain secondary marketplaces. It has introduced a bulk DNS system that makes it easy to point your domains to Efty landers and verify your domains to list them for sale on other platforms.

First, you will direct your domains to Efty’s nameservers. Then you’ll apply TXT records to individual domains or your entire portfolio. Imagine this process:

  1. Buy a new domain
  2. Point nameservers to Efty
  3. TXT record is automatically added so you can add domains to marketplaces like Sedo

You can also add MX records to create catch-all email addresses.

Efty also recently integrated with WhatsApp so domain sellers can chat with potential buyers.