EDD will require identity verification for physicians certifying SDI requests

05 January 2022

In an effort to fight disability insurance fraud, the California Employment Development Department (EDD) will soon begin requiring medical providers to verify their identity through ID.me before certifying claims for disability insurance. ‘State (SDI).

ID.me is a trusted technology provider for the State of California and EDD. The company specializes in digital identity protection and meets the federal government’s highest standards for identity authentication.

As of January 10, 2022, if you have a certified SDI claim in 2021, you may be contacted by EDD via email with details on how to verify your identity through ID.me. Please note that this email will come from an email address ending in @ edd.ca.gov. If additional characters are included in the email domain, the email is not from EDD.

Doctors are reminded to remain vigilant to guard against identity theft and phishing schemes. As fraudsters attempt to obtain personal information in many sophisticated and creative ways, EDD continues to improve and update the information on its Help Fight Fraud webpage.

For more information on your role in certifying SDI claims, please visit edd.ca.gov/disability.

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