DNS System Architect David Holtzman Joins Naoris Protocol as Distributed Systems, Cybersecurity and Blockchain Advisor

PORTO, PORTUGAL / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2022 / David H. Holtzman, writer, technologist and Internet pioneer, joined Naoris Protocol in an advisory capacity. Holtzman will support Naoris Protocol in marketing, technology and strategy, helping the project revolutionize cybersecurity mitigation with its CyberMesh technology.

Holtzman is an early contributor to the technologies that have shaped the Internet as we know it today. In the late 1990s, as CTO of Network Solutions, he managed the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) as well as the “Dot” root server. During his tenure, the number of Internet domains grew from 500,000 to over 20 million.

Prior to Networks Solutions, Holtzman was chief scientist at IBM and led a large research group at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. He was the CTO of Senator Evan Bayh’s presidential bid and a senior cybersecurity adviser to General Wesley Clarke’s campaign. For the past six years, he has worked with blockchain companies as a consultant, advisor or director.

In a previous life, Holtzman was a Russian cryptographer deployed on submarines for the US Naval Security Group, later working at the National Security Agency as an analyst of Soviet cosmonauts.

Holtzman is a strong advocate for people who use personal cryptography to protect their privacy instead of waiting for protection from government regulation. He is the author of “Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy”, in which he gave a comprehensive insider talk on the world of invasive technology, who uses it, and how our privacy is threatened.

With support from Holtzman, Naoris Protocol aims to decentralize the cybersecurity practices of modern enterprises, government agencies, Web3 projects, and other entities. As the world transitions to new Web3 paradigms of borderless DeFi and cryptocurrency, inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in legacy centralized systems threaten global stability. As a representative of an older, more radical Internet culture, Holtzman is the perfect guide to the Naoris protocol.

“Naoris Protocol has the right ideas. Over my many decades of experience working with disruptive innovators, I’ve come to the conclusion that a company’s most valuable differentiator is the strength of its core principles and values ​​under Naoris Protocol started from a good place and their technology aligns directly with their beliefs. The value of networked decentralization cannot be overstated and their new approach of applying it to security validation is important and potentially game-changing. commented Holtzman.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be working with David Holtzman as an advisor to the project, we wouldn’t have the internet as we know it today without him and we’re honored to be able to put together some very impactful new use cases and ideas. .with David. This is an exciting and critical time for Naoris Protocol as we strive to bring together the best and most visionary of Web2 and Web3 to evolve our decentralized approach to cybersecurity. Having David Holtzman on board, with his incredible knowledge and his world changing experience makes us feel good about the future of all things digital.said David Carvalho, CEO and Founder of Naoris Protocol.

About the Naoris Protocol

The Naoris protocol is the decentralized cybersecurity mesh for the hyper-connected world. Our disruptive design model makes networks more secure as they grow, not weaker, by turning every connected device into a trusted validating node. A robust Blockchain protocol that every business can use to protect against increasing levels of cyber threats.

Devices are rewarded for trusting behavior that promotes a secure environment. Participants earn $CYBER staking rewards for securing the network.


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