Distributed Acquired Distributed.com Ahead of £8M Funding Round – Domain Name Wire

The company left the corresponding .co domain name.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the popularity of global workforce and remote employment. This change has led to a change in the way some businesses operate, including challenging the often held belief that a local team is the best team.

A London company says its aim is to “reinvent work and challenge the assumption that a local team equals the best team”. Appropriately named Distributed, the company offers a global team of independent developers that can be scaled up, scaled up, or scaled down to meet a client’s needs. It has attracted high-profile clients including BBC, MasterCard and BP.

Founded in 2017, Distributed secured £30 million ($36.5 million) in funding from telecommunications company BT earlier this year. It has now followed it up with an £8m ($9.6m) venture capital funding round.

Between these two funding rounds, Distributed acquired its exact match .com, Distributed.com.

For the company, this is a significant upgrade from its original domain, Distributed.co.

According to Whois History, Distributed acquired Distributed.com in early June 2022 when the domain moved from a privacy-protected Namecheap account to Netim, Distributed’s preferred registrar.

Distributed is a common and popular term in the Web3 industry, so it’s no surprise to see that before Distributed.com came into the hands of the London-based company, the domain hosted a blockchain news site. which had its own associated conference.

It was owned and operated by BTC Media, a company with several media primarily based on Bitcoin. It is unclear if BTC Media sold Distributed.com to Distributed.

Distributed is the latest in a series of companies that have chosen to switch from a .co domain to a .com domain. Alloy, Kernel and Grove have all moved from .co to .com in the past two years.