Dan.com Update and Upcoming Improvements – Domain Name Wire

Here are some of the new features I love and one upcoming feature I’m looking forward to.

Dan.com rolled out a new user interface last week. Most of the changes are small (but nice) usability tweaks. But there are new and updated features too, and a big one is coming in a few weeks.

Here are some of the new features:

Sort by extension – This is useful if you want to update your pricing for a particular extension, such as .xyz. Or, if you let a group of domains in an extension expire, sorting by extension can make it easier to remove them from your Dan.com account.

Bulk Actions – Edit pricing information, sales page settings, and more for multiple domains at once.

New Verification Nameserver – Dan.com offers two ways to verify your ownership of domains previously added to Dan.com by another user. One is to add a DNS TXT record and the other is to add a third name server. Unfortunately, his old .hosting nameserver didn’t work with some registrars. So he added another name server that users can add to their domains and that all registrars accept.

There is also an upcoming feature that should be very useful. The company tells me that categories will be added in the coming weeks, allowing you to group domains and apply different settings to them. A few weeks ago on the DNW Podcast, I mentioned how you can’t use a different pricing strategy for domains on Dan.com. Right now my default is BIN, but I can’t change a high priced domain to BIN + Make Offer. The category feature will allow you to put a group of domains into its own category and apply a different sales page type (such as BIN + Make Offer) to the domains in that category.