Configure two-factor authentication on your Afternic account – Domain Name Wire

Here’s how to add security to your Afternic account.

Configure Afternic Two-Factor Authentication.

The lack of two-factor authentication for Afternic accounts is one of the most significant security risks in the domain aftermarket. If someone hacks your Afternic account, they can lower the price of a domain and then buy it through a partner registrar for a lower price.

Afternic has updated their login platform and now there are two options to fix this issue. The first is to sign in with GoDaddy, which I recommend to anyone setting up a new account. GoDaddy has long offered the double factor. The other is to continue to use a single Afternic login and add two-factor authentication.

To set up two-factor authentication on Afternic, log into your account and select “Account” from the left panel, then “Account details”. Scroll to “Security” and select “2-step verification”.

You can then set up 2-step verification using an authenticator app like Google Authenticator, SMS text messages, or a physical security key. For some reason Afternic suggests the Authenticator app rather than the more secure physical key, but I suspect that’s because the physical key would confuse people who are not familiar with the option. A physical key also does not allow authentication if you call support.

I do not recommend SMS authentication, but it’s better than nothing.