China’s first self-developed underwater Christmas tree system put into operation

CNOOC Oil and Gas Extraction Facility (Photo/CNOOC)

China’s first self-developed underwater Christmas tree system was successfully commissioned in the South China Sea on Tuesday, a key breakthrough in China’s national technical equipment for oil and gas development. deep-sea gas, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced on Tuesday.
The shaft system is believed to be an important piece of equipment for offshore drilling and mining. The equipment weighs 55 tons and consists of over 2,500 parts. It performs the function of safely isolating oil reservoirs and ensuring the safety of underground operations.

According to CNOOC, domestic equipment can be more cost-effective with its performance index reaching the same level as comparable foreign products.

For a long time, design and build technology was the exclusive domain of five European and American companies, leading to long supply cycles, high prices and maintenance difficulties.

Liu Shujie, chief engineer of CNOOC Hainan Branch, said that using domestic deep-sea underwater Christmas trees saves about 27% of the cost compared to purchasing imported equipment. , and the cost is expected to be further reduced after large-scale production.

In addition, the equipment can also increase the efficiency of some oil and gas reservoirs which previously had little economic benefit, which is of positive significance in boosting the development of petroleum equipment-related industries. and offshore gas companies, Mr. Liu said.

The underwater Christmas tree should work stably for 20 years in a low temperature and high pressure environment with a seabed depth of more than 500 meters and a temperature of less than 6 C, which imposes requirements extremely high technologies.

In order to ensure the reliability and functionality of the equipment, CNOOC has carried out product performance tests such as pressure test, temperature cycle test, vibration test, as well as integration test at land and sea trials to the highest international standards. All tests have been passed and verified by authoritative third parties in the industry.

Wang Dongjin, chairman of CNOOC, said CNOOC’s technology research and development team will further accelerate the localization of subsea deep-sea oil and gas production systems and promote the extensive use of domestic equipment in offshore oil and gas exploration and development. resources and provide reliable equipment to ensure national energy security.

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