CB-CID will file a complaint against the cops

CHENNAI: The Madras High Court has ordered the CB-CID Police to file a murder complaint against officers who served at the ICF Police Station in 2012 for the alleged death in custody of a 22-year-old. The HC further ordered the state to provide compensation of Rs 5 lakh to the family members of the deceased youth’s family.

Judge GK Ilanthiraiyan issued the orders allowing a motion filed by S Pongulali, mother of the deceased.

As the deceased’s autopsy report attests that the applicant’s son had several serious injuries, certainly to the head, and that he died only two to three days before the autopsy, the judge considered that he had been killed in custody. on sight because the police had beaten him.

“The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly stated that when the death takes place inside the police station, the accused persons should be punished for the offense under Section 302 of the ICC. CBCID has discovered that there are elements which may attract the major breach under 304(ii) of the ICC, what is the reason why the eighth defendant did not amend the breach under Article 302 of the ICC?” the judge requested and ordered the CB-CID to file a complaint under Article 302 against the officers responsible for the death in custody.

The court further held that it was the responsibility of the police authorities to ensure that the citizen in their custody was not deprived of their right to life. “His freedom is in the very nature of things circumscribed by the very fact of his confinement and therefore his interest in the limited freedom left to him is rather precious. The wrongdoer is responsible and the state is responsible if the person detained by the police is deprived of his life, except according to the procedure established by law,” the court said.

The petitioner sought instruction to file a murder complaint under Article 302 of the ICC against Ramalingam, a serving police inspector from K7-ICF police station and other officers who caused the death of the youth named Nithya aka Nithyaraj. She also wanted to transfer the case to the CBI.

According to the petitioner, her son, a member of the Friends of the Police, was arrested by ICF police for stealing a couple’s mobile phone on January 11, 2012, and brought before a magistrate on January 14, 2012. January 2012.

“As the police presented my son to the magistrate, we saw him with injuries. Additionally, when he was remanded in custody, he was treated at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital and Royapettah Government Hospital. As the police assaulted my son, he died on January 16, 2012, suspiciously,” the petitioner said.