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SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 24, 2022–

AuthenticID, a global leader in identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, today announced its report on its identity verification process that statistically demonstrates near zero percent bias for any gender, race, skin color or age.

Specifically, the results showed a 0.09% variance in false rejection rates, providing AuthenticID customers with fairness and fairness in their identity verification decision.

“The ability to measure algorithmic bias and ensure that one segment of the population is not disadvantaged over another is mandatory for any identity verification process in today’s world,” says Jeff S. Jani, CEO of AuthenticID.

The company plans to continue producing statistical reports every month to monitor algorithmic drift.

“The use of automated machine learning and computer vision models of the inconsistency and inaccuracy of any human system is also a mandate for societal fairness assurance,” says the company’s CTO , Richard A Huber, Jr. “This includes the ability to have a robust and ethical AI and MLOps governance model to maintain the integrity of all algorithms on an ongoing basis,” continues Huber.

This milestone reinforces AuthenticID’s mission to use advanced identity technologies ethically for the benefit of humanity.

About AuthenticID

AuthenticID is a pioneer in the field of identity verification and fraud detection. AuthenticID’s fully automated solution protects identities and mitigates fraud without sacrificing user experience. Founded in 2001, AuthenticID has deep expertise in verifying government-issued identification documents with the market’s most powerful next-generation automated AI platform for fraud detection and identity verification. ‘identity. AuthenticID’s patented platform is used by the world’s leading financial services companies, mobile carriers and identity verification platforms. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more information, visit

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